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Westsail 32 Factory Build Manual

W33 Build Manual Preview

This document was created from the scan of an original "Westsail 32 Factory Build Manual". The original manual that accompanied the Westsail 32 on delivery was a photocopy of the manual used in the Westsail factory, during the build process. It was clearly never intended to be a production manual, but were included with each boat upon delivery. When one considers that these boats were built from 1972-1980, it's understandable that the quality of a photocopied document was somewhat lacking, even when it was new. Add 35 years or so of humidity and general aging and you end up with a document that's hardly worth the paper it's printed on. Nonetheless, there is a great deal of indispensable information to a Westsail owner, within its 465 pages.

Knowing how helpful this document could be if it were legible, I invested over 300 hours into digitally enhancing every page of the scanned original. I then indexed each page, creating a searchable PDF. During the "image optimization", all of the smudges, paper-punch holes, cock-eyed alignment, frequent "grid paper" backgrounds, etc, that were inherent in the photocopy Bill had to work from have all been removed, making every page legible.

The final document is presented here as a 130 mb Adobe Acrobat PDF file, at a cost of $35, plus $5 shipping and handling (Continental U.S. only). That's a rather minimal investment, when one considers the time required to putting the document together and how much greater is its usefulness, now that it can actually be read.

CUSTOMIZED FOR YOUR BOAT: If you are the owner of a Westsail 32, I can create a custom cover page for your personalized copy. Just send us the Owner's Name, Hull Number, Model Year, and Vessel Name. If you wish a photo of your boat, rather than the architectural drawing shown, send a good quality image of your boat as well.

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Companionway Steps Icebox Liner
Whisker Stay Tangs Dorade Vent

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